About us

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Beit Midrash Zichron Dov is to engage, inspire and educate the Jewish community of the Greater Toronto Area. We apply our Torah heritage to the daily lives of modern Jews, through classes, discussions and chavrutot in our home Beit Midrash and in the synagogues, campuses and workplaces of the GTA.

Our Beit Midrash is named “Zichron Dov” in memory of Mr. Bill Rubinstein, of blessed memory, whose ideals are represented in the Torah we learn and teach every day.

Our Beit Midrash is a community-funded institution; we thank you for your continued partnership.

We are a resource for community education: In any given week of the year, we offer 20-25 classes and programs for a broad variety of audiences in a range of venues. Each year, some 1500-2000 individuals sign in at our weekday programs.

In particular, we focus on four areas:
* High School and University Students – We run many programs with Bnei Akiva Schools, and dozens of university students learn with us in our Chaverim and Women’s Beit Midrash programs;

* Advanced Torah for Women – We offer Sunday morning “Midreshet Yom Rishon” programs for women around the city, featuring challenging presentations by erudite speakers. We also offer three weekly classes for women: one in a home in Thornhill, one in a home in the Clanton Park area, and one in the Shaarei Shomayim synagogue;

* Programs for Professionals – We offer classes, with Continuing Education credit, for doctors, lawyers, dentists and accountants;

* Israel and Zionism – We offer on-going classes and programs in Israel-related halachah and thought, and we join programming forces with Bnei Akiva, Mizrachi Canada, Nishmat and other Israeli and Zionist organizations.

We also publish our weekly Toronto Torah bulletin, which features articles on the parshah, Book Reviews, biographies of Torah scholars, a column on events in Israeli history, and more.

We are an incubator for rabbinic leaders: Our avreichim engage in rabbinical studies as well as prepare community classes and learn with community members. They are paired with local synagogues as Rabbinic Assistants, present community adult education classes, and work with students at our local Yeshivot Bnei Akiva. They write for publication in our weekly Toronto Torah. They meet with leaders of the local and global Jewish community, and learn from experts in local rabbinic agencies, so that each avreich grows in Torah knowledge and pedagogic and leadership skills.

Come learn with us! We invite community participation in all of our daily sedarim (learning sessions). We also offer classes and programs each day; please see our calendar for more information, and sign up for our email list.

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