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All donations are tax deductible in Canada to the full extent allowed by the CRA. We have two donation options: General Contributions and Program Sponsorship.

1. General Contribution
If you wish to dedicate your donation in honour or in memory of someone, please email the information to We will send acknowledgement cards, if desired.

a. To donate through Paypal (no Paypal account is needed):

For Canadian Dollars

For US Dollars

b. To contact our office with your credit card number:
Call 416-783-6960, or email

c. To mail us your contribution:
YU Torah MiTzion Beit Midrash Zichron Dov
4580 Dufferin St. Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M3H 5Y2

2. Program Sponsorship
Would you like to mark a yahrtzeit, celebrate a birthday, or just sponsor a program you find compelling and valuable? Options include sponsoring:

  • A Continuing Education seminar for doctors, lawyers or businesspeople ($1800);
  • A Shabbaton in a particular shul ($1200);
  • A year-long weekly class ($1200);
  • A special shiur to be given in honour of a yahrtzeit, shloshim or other lifecycle event ($360);
  • A statutory holiday program for high school or university students ($360);
  • A Sunday morning “Midreshet Yom Rishon” program for women ($180);
  • An issue of Toronto Torah ($180 per week);
  • A week of our Chaverim program for university students ($180);
  • A day of study in our Beit Midrash ($72);
  • A single session of a weekly class ($54);

Please enter your email address here, list any particular sponsorship opportunities that interest you if you wish, and we will contact you soon, Gd-willing.